# Alibaba Cloud

To connect to a Alibaba account, you will need an AccessKey pair (AccessKey ID and AccessKey secret).

# How to get your API AccessKeys

An AccessKey pair (AccessKey Id and AccessKey secret) is a set of security credentials for you to access the API of Alibaba Cloud. Cloud Ctrl requires an AccessKey pair in order to retrieve the latest billing data for the RAM account.

You can view or add a new AccessKey pair through the Alibaba Cloud Console, using the AccessKey Management link.

The Alibaba Cloud Console

# Billing API AccessKey

The keys can be managed from this page, when they expire they will need to be updated in Cloud Ctrl in order for data to continue to flow.

The Alibaba Cloud AccessKey Managament

# Create the Cloud Account

To start importing usage data for a Alibaba Cloud account you need to create an Alibaba Cloud Account in Cloud Ctrl.

To add a new cloud account go to Settings > Cloud Accounts > Create

Create Cloud Account

The New Cloud Account window will appear, select Alibaba Account.

You can then enter the details for your new Alibaba cloud account.

Create Cloud Account > Alicloud Credentials

Once you click submit you should show a dialog appear telling you if you connection is successful, if there is an error try to re-enter your API by checking for leading spaces.

Once connected your data can take up to 24 hrs to complete the initial import process, so please give it some time before relying on the data displayed in the portal.

If you keep getting errors or need further assistance please email support.